The Coaching Staff Is Phenomenal

Reason for Joining: My reason for joining was The people. From my first workout at CrossFit Atlanta I felt apart of the family.

Enjoy about Membership: What I enjoy is The coaching staff is phenomenal. They are there to make you better and they succeed with every workout. The schedule of classes are fantastic and even work with my crazy schedule.

Learn about Yourself: What I have learned is It’s not about the six-pack abs or 400 lbs back squat (although those are added bonuses). It’s about coming in and being better than YOU were the day before and always improving yourself.

Advice to Prospect: My advice is Give it one class, one hour of your life. It may just change your life, or even save it. You aren’t expected to know everything, CrossFit is about learning, growing, and getting better everyday.

Kevin M.