We’d love to have ya!

Drop-ins are reserved for those with CrossFit experience and are currently a member at a CrossFit affiliate.

We will need to verify your CrossFit experience. We verify everyone, so no need to be offended.


We will accept any of the following as proof that you are ready to go (you only need to submit one):

  • A screenshot showing your recent class registrations at a CrossFit affiliate
  • An email from your affiliate vouching that you are a current, active member
  • If you have your CrossFit Level 1 Certification, your name as it appears in the Trainer Directory
  • If you participated in the most recent CrossFit Open, a link to your athlete profile


A single drop-in is $25.

If you are interested in multiple sessions with us we do offer the following:

  • Free second session with a Google Review
  • $90 for a One Week All-Access Pass

Please simply send an email to with your verification, number of sessions, and any questions.

We’re looking forward to working out with you soon!