Blown Away By The Energy

Reason for Joining: I originally visited CrossFit Atlanta when I was looking for a new gym because it was convenient located but planned to stop in a couple other gyms in the area. From the instant I walked in I was blown away by the energy, the friendliness of the trainers, and the size of the workout area. I ended up joining that day and never visited the other guys.

Enjoy about Membership: Definitely the comrodery-from the great trainers and staff to my fellow CrossFitters I see almost every day. The motivation of others through friendly competition and genuine appreciation when reaching goals or hitting a new PR.

Learn about Yourself: What I have learned is I’m stronger than I ever thought I would be in my late thirties and still have room to grow and improve everyday.

Advice to Prospect: My advice is Do it. Now. I frequently come across friends that question whether CrossFit is for them. It’s for everyone and joining CrossFit Atlanta will give you the support you need to be successful.

Eric W.