Hey FitFam,

Wow! What a whirlwind these past 6 weeks have been. Jason and I truly appreciate all of your patience and offers to assist throughout this process. 

Our journey began simply as a location search but in taking a step back, we realized we needed a solution that would accomplish ALL of our immediate needs but also accomplish our long-term goals, which are:  

  1. Keeping the CF Atlanta legacy alive and thriving… not just surviving
  2. Providing YOU with the best possible training experience possible from facility & equipment to coaching & customer service
  3. Establishing a business model that is financially viable and sustainable to ensure long-term success.

We are very happy to report, the search is over and we did it!  It is DONE. It is not the path we started on but you’re gonna love where we’ve ended up. We have never been this excited about the future of CFATL!

The longer-term solution was always just down Chattahoochee… just in the other direction!  It turns out that our affiliate, friends, and direct descendant of CFATL, CrossFit North Atlanta, had exactly what we were looking for, and vice versa. It didn’t take long for us to build a strong rapport and pound out a deal that is ideal for the future of CFATL.

As of today, May 1st, CrossFit North Atlanta and CrossFit Atlanta have become ONE. We are combining our teams, members, and resources into their sweet 10,000 sf facility exactly 1000m away from where we are now.

Together we become the NEW CFATL, the CF ATL you deserve. A well-oiled machine with great tools, great space and a PROVEN model for success.

All the resources we were about to dump into relocating and rebuilding can now go towards this partnership, taking the facility and your training experience to the next level. It is a BIG WIN for us including;

  • The perfect facility for us AND some major improvements
  • Thousands of dollars of new equipment
  • A new schedule with more class offerings than any affiliate in the city of Atlanta
  • Proven leadership and business model
  • Experienced administrative team and GREAT coaches
  • Top of the line systems, software, and marketing
  • A soon to be fully stocked retail environment
  • And most importantly, great people! Their loyal members are just like us, passionate about CrossFit! With this merger, we are excited to become the most hoppin box in the ATL!

We have a lot to do in a very short time but this new combined team is all over it.  This page has all the details you’ll need and will continue to be updated. 

Thank you all for your continued support. Jason and I can’t wait for you to enjoy everything this partnership has to offer. 

Now I am going to hand this off to Dani Moore, aka “Red.” She will be our new go-to for about everything starting with getting everyone set up for the merge.


Hey Folks,

I’m Dani, the office manager at the current CFNA. I couldn’t be more excited for what is to come.

Below are details on what you can expect over the next month. We will update this page as new info becomes available and will be sure to keep you in the loop on all things coming your way.

For now, please read all the way through to end. There is an action step for you to complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 404.355.4500 or shoot me an email.

The Boss is also here to help in any way he can. However, the best way to get to Travis is usually through me or at the gym. Feel free to email him at any time T@crossfitnorthatlanta.com

The Rollout Timeline

Tuesday, May 1st
Membership conversions are open. Start here.

May 7 – May 13
Final week of classes at Permalume
Dan selling equipment

Wednesday, May 9
5:30am -7:00am Coffee + Q&A with Travis and Dani at Permalume

Wednesday, May 9
5:00pm – 8:00pm Meet & Greet at Taylor St

  • Join us for DAS BBQ and tasty brews and WOD (if you want.)
  • Come check out your new digs, meet the new crew and some members
  • Doors open at 5:00 PM
  • 5:15p and 6:15p workouts are open to everyone

Monday, May 14
New Class Schedule Begins
All classes moved at Taylor St

Awesome New Class Schedule

Effective May 14th and subject to change. It will definitely take a few weeks to work all the kinks out.


Membership Rates

Stay on board and keep your current billing rate!

All current CF ATL members have up to May 31st to convert to the New CFATL and lock in your current billing rate*. Your membership will remain the same (month-to-month at your current rate) and you will not be billed until June 1. 

Please keep in mind that this is a special rate and there is no reason to draw attention to that by discussing with other members.

Converting your membership

We are, of course, moving to CFNA’s awesome Member management and performance tracking system called Wodify. This means you just need to set-up a membership account with your billing information.

“So what do you need from me” 
You just need to tell us that you plan on staying by submitting  THIS FORM.  We will set-up your account and send you a new agreement to review and sign.

As soon as that is done you can join classes on Taylor street or just wait to come over on the 14th. Once again, your next bill date will be June 1.

Member Conversion Form


This is really just the tip of this iceberg. We will communicating over the next few weeks via email, the facebook group and on this page. Stay tuned in and it will be easy peasy. We got you, this is going to be AWESOME!