During times of stress and uncertainty, cultivating physical strength and inner calm is vital to your health. Now is not the time to succumb to unhealthy habits.

Now more than ever your, commitment to your health and fitness must remain a top priority. Doing this will keep your immune system and mental health at its best. We are confined, isolated with limited space, less gear, and the 24/7 presence of distractions and temptations. Our routines and schedules have been turned upside down and the threat of this virus looms over our heads every time we open the door.

As a fitness provider, there is nothing we take more seriously than the safety and well-being of our members. Here’s how we are supporting our members during this time…


We are following all requirements laid out by the Governor’s office including distancing protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Each member has a 10×10 gridded spot to themselves for their workout which includes a rack and pull-up bar. We cap classes so that there are never more members than spots. You will have your own equipment (barbell, dumbbell, etc) as well as a spray bottle of medical-grade disinfectant and a clean rag. All equipment gets sprayed down before going back to the shelves. We clean the floors after each class and deep clean them multiple times per week. We spray down all equipment between each class with medical-grade disinfectant to make sure everything is thoroughly clean and ready for the next class.


We understand online group classes can be intimidating or just not your jam, especially if you’re learning something new. That’s ok!

We offer remote personal coaching with a CFATL Coach that can be utilized to improve movement, develop custom programming, focus on nutrition or recovery, and much more. We’ll meet you where you’re at and build a program that suits your needs. This is a zero intimidation environment that’s all about you.

Remote coaching includes:

  • Completely customized workouts based on your goals, fitness level, and available equipment
  • LIVE virtual coaching sessions with real-time feedback
  • Nutrition guidance
  • 24/7 access to your coach via email

Take the first step and book a free intro call with a coach. On that call we’ll build a custom plan and be there to hold you accountable every step of the way.