• Cancellation Policies:


    CrossFit Atlanta employs a 30­-day cancellation policy. A member can cancel at any time by filling out a cancellation form. Any auto-­payment that is within the 30 day cancellation period will be billed upon submission of this form. The member has 30 days from the last auto-payment to utilize any unused classes. Any classes remaining after the cancellation date will be forfeited. Any requests to cancel a membership while it is on hold will reactivate the membership and start the 30 day cancellation period.

    3, 6 & 12-­MONTH COMMITMENTS
    The buyer may cancel the agreement at any time for any reason at a cost of 40% of the remaining contract due IMMEDIATELY. This fee will be collected upon submission of this form.

    Please contact the office with any questions prior to submitting this form.

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    By submitting this form, I acknowledge that the cancellation procedures and dates have been explained to me and I understand that any remaining auto-­payments or cancellation fees per the polices above will be billed immediately to my card on file.

    Once again, we hate to see you go but appreciate you providing us the information we need to make it as convenient as possible.

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