The week of December 11

Got any friends starting to set fitness goals for the new year? Or a co-worker about to re-up those spin classes?

Now’s the perfect time for YOU to invite them to come try a workout. 

CFNA’s Bring-a-Friend Week starts this week and ends on Saturday, Dec 16th at the 8:30am and 9:30am classes with a 12 Days of Christmas partner workout. We’d love for everyone to bring in one friend.

All friends are invited to attend any or all LAUNCH classes for the week of Dec 11th for free.


If they come to the Saturday BYOF Launch workout they are 100% invited to join the Holiday Party later that night.


  • Does my friend need to sign up? Yes, here is the sign-up form.
  • Do they have to pay? Nope. The Saturday class and any Launch classes the following week will be on the house.
  • Can I bring more than one friend? Sure! Just make sure they each sign up separately
  • Do they need to bring anything with them to the workout? Just workout clothes/shoes and a water bottle.
  • What do they do once they arrive at the gym? There will be a sign-in form on the counter. They will need to complete this and sign a waiver.
  • What will the workout be? It will be a modified partner version of the “12 Days of Christmas” WOD. There will not be any complex barbell movements to worry about.
  • What class times can they come to?  7:00 AM…  M | W | F,   4:15 PM…  F,   5:15 PM…  M | T | TH    
  • Can friends attend CrossFit classes? No, we are limiting this to Launch classes only.
  • What happens after their workouts? Coach Ernest and Coach Jake will follow up with them to check in, answer any questions, address any concerns and go over the membership options and specials.
  • I have a friend that is interested in joining a class but can’t make the Saturday workout, can they still join the week of Launch classes?  Of course!  Email Dani their contact info and she’ll follow up with next steps.
  • I have a friend that is interested but can’t make either option, what should I do? Email Dani their contact info and she’ll follow up with them to find a week that they can come join Launch classes.